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Barbarian Review

Barbarian was great right off the bat. There’s isn't one dull moment. If you think you know what's coming next, I promise you don’t.

The new horror film, Barbarian, hit theaters September 9 2022. My rating for this flick is 8.5/10. The movie takes place in modern time (no covid thank god). The main character, Tessa, books an Airbnb that happens to be double booked when this guy, Bill Skarsgard’s character—you know…Pennywise(!)— is staying there as well. What could go wrong, right?! Well it does.

I like the choice in casting where you have Skarsgard, who played the famously disturbing clown previously in It. In Barbarian, he may or may not be bucket of danger. Put that in the mix and you automatically think he’s the antagonist because of his past roles. You are constantly asking yourself if he’s the friend or foe and the answer comes in one of the best ways you can imagine. The trailer is intense but vague.

Nowadays trailers tell the whole movie and it’s like what’s the point of watching this hour and a half movie when I pretty much just watched it for 2-3 minutes. The trailer draws you to wondering “what the hell did I just watch?” which is pretty much what you’ll be saying at the end of it as well. Guaranteed. It’s a movie that I recommend you just go see without any background.

The storytelling is what stands out; it keeps your brain turning trying to figure out what’s going but not in a confusing, frustrating way, a more exciting adventurous game. It’s one of the most unique horror films we’ve gotten in the past years in the world of remakes. The only reason the rating is deducted is because of the scare factor. It’s not scary when you have nightmares but the movie almost doesn’t need that kind of scare. It works fine without it.

I watched it twice. You will too. Barbarian was great right off the bat. It’s enjoyable and entertaining. There’s not one dull moment and if you think you know what’s coming next, I promise you don’t.

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