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VHS Multimedia Pathway students visit KTVU

Student’s from Mt Gram-Reefer’s Multimedia classes visited KTVU, Channel-2, on October, 27. The field trip was part of Vallejo High School’s CTE Multimedia Pathway career and industry exploration. Students met with familiar faces including news anchors Dave Clark (am) and Gasia Mikaelian, as well as reporters Sal Castaneda, and Greg Lee. VHS Students were graciously hosted by Station Manager Amber Eikel, who was invaluable in arranging for station staff to participate in the tour. THANK YOU!

In two groups, VHS students received a 40-minute tour of how the broadcast news is made. More than 150 people work at the facility at Jack London Square, most of them behind the scenes. Students saw the news desktop where all stories start, studios, camera staff, directors, editors, mobile news trucks and the people who look after the tech. So many wires. So many CPU racks and cabling—some visible but most under the removable flooring panels.

Students learned about how KTVU staff got into the business, many who just got a foot in the door and moved up, and some who have worked at KTVU for over 25. Others earned TV Broadcasting. Gasia Mikaelian worked in four markets before joining KTVU in 2005.

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