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Pimp My Ride: personaliza tu viaje con la personalización del automóvil

I'm gonna show you how to begin your own automobile customization!

This is Pimp My Ride, and I’m gonna show you how to begin your own automobile customization! First, we need a body for the car. Here’s where you start, by bringing together the following items:

custom car parts to pimp your ride– a roof panel

– rear quarter panel,

– screen pillar

– front spar

– panel trunk

– scuttle base

– sill centre

– tunnel

– centre pillar


After you’re are done assembling the body then your gonna need some body parts for your car 

First, you need a cooling fan, radiator, headlights, grille, bumpers, absorber, re-bar, fog lights, hubcaps, wheels, quarter, reflector, doors, and fender, once you put these parts in the car you technically have your car but you have to worry about gas oil but since your car is finished it then it’s finally time to pimp your ride.

So tell me how do you like your car? Do you like your car to go fast? Do you want your car to have big tires? How do you want your ride to stand out from the rest? Well, look no further as we examine the varieties of car ideas you could have.

You can customize your car to your preferable liking just becare make sure that the car part is legal and in some countries and make sure that you don’t attend any street racing. But let’s talk about that. In the United States, modern street racing traces its roots back to Michigan, on Woodward avenue, in the 1960’s where the three main Detroit-based American car companies were producing high-powered performance cars. Since a private racing venue was not always available, street races would be held illegally on public roads.

A famous illegal car, the TVR TuscanLet’s get on to our next topic—illegal cars and illegal car parts. The TVR Tuscan is one of the most illegal cars in the world. All TVRs were built between 1996 and 2006, and are banned in the U.S. Especially the 2003 Tuscan.

Then there’s the Skyline R34 25GT-T. This model was made in 2001 and represnets one of Nissan’s illegal cars in the world. But that’s not the point. Don’t buy an illegal car if you cannot afford the consequences. If you do, you may be forced to give back the car with no refund. But if you want a
legal way to get car parts to Pimp Your Ride, see the list of websites below where you can buy your custom parts.



3.Discount Auto Parts Online – Domestic, Import Car Parts 



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