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Need Community Service hours? Check out Leo Club!

It is senior year for many of you so now you must complete 12 hours of community service every semester, but what if I told you there was an easier way to do so?

Let me introduce you to Leo Club, one of our many clubs which specifically specializes in helping seniors with their community service. Usually, their meetings are on Wednesdays during lunch. They have many activities that are at least an hour or more. This means that it is possible to finish your service hours in a couple of weeks. Especially since you are only permitted to do 6 hours of community service in school.

If you need any more proof that Leo Club is for you as it makes finishing your service easier than ever, then let me introduce you to our guest who we interviewed for this article: Stella. Stella is one of the many members who joined the club in order to complete their community service as she wished to get it out of the way in order to not worry about it during their exams.

Interviewer: Who is the current student representative?

Stella: “Yeah, it’s um, Nia, Cindy, and Carly.”

Interviewer: What other days (apart from Wednesday) do you meet?

Stella: “Usually on Saturdays since the community service events are usually held those days.”

Interviewer: What is your goal for the club

student community service project Leo ClubStella: “Community Service!”

Interviewer: “For your senior year right?”

Stella: “Yeah, I really need it if I am going to want to graduate because it’s a requirement to do 12 hours of community service now.”

Interviewer: Who are your targeted students?

Stella: “Seniors who need community service, (laughter), but other students are still welcomed if they simply wish to join together to help others in their community.”

Interviewer: How has your experience been there (so far)?\

Stella: “It’s been pretty good even if I’ve only gone to one meeting, like an actual event. I helped to set up the homecoming event for our school.”

Interviewer: How has this changed your experience in high school?

Stella: “Um, well I’ve never been in a club before so, that’s pretty cool. It’s cool that the first club I joined is helping me a lot with my senior year community service assignment.”

Interviewer: How did you know that you wished to join this club?

Stella: “I needed community service, (laughter). But also I was interested in seeing what events it would include.”

Interviewer: What are some things you would change about the club (to make it better)?

Stella: “Change about the club? Um, well I would make it so that we don’t meet on Saturdays because some people are busy on Saturdays, like me since I work on the weekends.”

Interviewer: “Oh, and is that why you were only at one event?”

Stella: “Yeah because the school event was early in the morning and it was in school. So I think I would be better if more school events were given for community service and if you could do all your hours at school. This is because my mother is usually tired after work which makes it hard for me to be able to get to an event.”

Interviewer: What words of encouragement would you like to offer your fellow classmates and possible future club members?

Stella: “Uh, (laughter), have fun finishing your community service!”

Interviewer: “Alright thank you for letting us interview you today.”

Stella: “(Laughter), no problem, thank you for interviewing me today.”

Although Leo Club may have its downside, like many other clubs, the pros are still better than its cons. As seniors, you have a variety of things, ideas, and tasks being put on your plate/ However, with the help from Leo Club, you will surely have 1 less. Join now, or don’t, it’s simply up to YOU.

Leo Club meets during the lunch period.


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