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The Six Flags Employment Experience

Six Flags is one of the more common jobs you would see students have thanks to their park opening hours being mainly whenever school is not in session.

There are msix flags employeesany people who love to go to theme parks, and there are high school students that are in need of a job, and Six Flags can provide that. With how easy it is to obtain employment at Six Flags and how it is located within Vallejo, it provides a close place to home while being able to head to work. 
You’ll most likely see more high school students working than adults or people out of school. Six Flags is one of the more common jobs you would see students have thanks to their park opening hours being mainly whenever school is not in session. The most common for those people would be working in Ride Operations due to the need Six Flags has for ride attendants. They are always at low capacity and there are plenty of reasons for that.

While it is highly convenient for the students to be able to only have to work on the weekends, the times and actual scheduling is very inconvenient. Nothing in your schedule is ever set in stone and last-minute changes to the schedule are always going to be a possibility. If you want to request time off then you need to do it at least 3 weeks in advance which is way too much time before something is usually planned for teenagers, causing a lot of people to call out and get striked because of this. When people can turn in two weeks’ notice, it’s not great to need to set up days off 3 weeks ahead of time. On the bright side of things, due to covid, the system grants you a lot of sick days that you are able to use if you really can’t show up.

Your co-workers are most likely going to be the best part of working at six flags. Since everyone working in your department would be quite similar in age, being all teenagers or young adults, similar interests and jokes can be exchanged. Supervisors are often very chill and don’t worry too much but do need to enforce the rules. What you should look out for are long-time supervisors who are the people that do everything by the book and are real sticklers for the rules and how to follow them. However, they rarely show up so this shouldn’t be a problem most of the time. 

While working you’ll often be talking to the guests and instructing them. If you’re lucky the flash pass attendant located at your ride will be the one to deal with most of the rude people, but sometimes they can get through or you’ll be the one working at the front letting people in or checking their heights and have to deal with constant complaints. They like to goof around and hardly follow the rules, and can sometimes cause an emergency stop on a ride because they did something stupid, causing everyone misery just to get back a hat that would’ve fallen somewhere. This is one of the worst aspects of having to work at Six Flags. Although sometimes it can be fun, it’s a very rare experience if it turns out to be a great time.

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